11 March 2018

Warren Ellis swearing at the Internet Of Things

Warren Ellis is famous for many things, including Transmetropolitan; two novels; the scripts for various video games, a movie starring Helen Mirren and a run of James Bond comics; and many other things.  He is very smart, and when the mood takes him, extremely sweary.  Both of these things make for humorous and insightful writing.

His talk at ThingsCon 2015 was exemplary of him being both smart and sweary.  It is reproduced neatly here, and the original source is here.  (For more of this kind of writing, and everything from recipes, travelogues, technology reviews and musings on the history of English folk magic, as well as copious detail on his work (largely in the field of comics), subscribe to his newsletter: Orbital Operations.)

In summary, electronic device manufacturers and digital disruptors of any sort start needing to care more about the effects of the technology they are unleashing into the world.

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