29 June 2011

Making OpenVPN easier

I have become annoyed at the easy-rsa scripts shipped with OpenVPN. I like the goal, I just think the execution is flawed due to the inflexibility of the scripts. I mean, sure one could copy the whole directory and tweak the scripts, but they should be customisable with a config file. How about editing openssl.cnf? Wrong answer... the scripts pass options that override many of the settings in this file.

So, rather than fixing the scripts (e.g. so that they accept options that allow you to change the way they operate), I came up with what I think is a better answer. Since I already created a Makefile (with a set of targets that manage the workflow of creating server keys, client keys, zip files that people can extract into their OpenVPN directory on MS-Windows, etc.) why not run openssl commands directly?

So that is my current goal for the code in SVN. It's at revision 67, so when the Makefile jumps above that, it should be streamlinedt. (Feel free to bug me about making a commits mailing list for the tools repository.)

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